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5 ways to get your house picture ready.

If you are like us, you are spending much of your “free” time looking at houses online. Is it just me, or do you tend to PASS on the houses where you can’t SEE the home? You know what I’m taking about… those pictures with dirty dishes in the sink, clothes piled on the bed (or floor!), or how about those homes where EVERYTHING they own is in clear vision? There was one house where their KIDS were even in the pictures! The bedroom; kid on bed, the living room; kids and dog on couch, and then the bathroom; you’ve got to be kidding – kid posing next to the toilet! WHAT????

NO – you gotta CLEAN up the house! I realize there are probably some investment properties where you can’t help what the tenants do or don’t do – but seriously, clean the house.

So here we are… working on getting our home listed. When it comes to this, we are a bit picky. Our house isn’t the greatest or any at all to brag about, but we want it to show well. As anyone would, we want to get the max sales price and sell quickly. Right?

We are a few weeks out from listing. Now you can hire a home stager to tell you what to do to get the house ready for listing, or you can START by doing a few things on your own:

  1. Declutter – pack up the personal pictures, nicknacks, kitchen stuff you don’t use, clothes you don’t wear, etc. (I’ve also gone on a selling spree. Why not make a little $$$ in the process?).
  2. DEEP clean. I’m talking the whole house – and don’t forget the baseboards, doors, walls, kitchen/pantry shelves, toilets, etc. Or – hire someone to do it!
  3. Pack 1/2 your things… or a quarter or a third. Clean under your sink, the laundry room, your kitchen cupboards. Start eliminating things you either don’t need, don’t use, or can do without until you move. Go room by room and just start to declutter and pack it up. No one is looking at your house to see YOUR stuff. They want to be able to envision THEIR stuff in the house.
  4. Clean your yard; front and back. Mow, rake, lay grass seed, sweep; whatever is needed. I’ve also heard how some people use spray paint to help the grass look nice (I’ve never used that little trick, but I have been known to spray paint rocks! lol – maybe another blog post some day).
  5. Paint. Whether you need to paint the dirty white walls white again, or add a little color – nothing too crazy though – do it.

When you are done with this quick and easy checklist, you will wonder why you’re moving because the house looks so clean and put together! Job accomplished 🙂

This is my start to getting my closet in order. I’ve packed up probably 90% of my shoes! I left only those I know I will need… winter shoes – goodbye; shoes I have’t worn recently (or last summer) are either in my daughters room (with all other “goodwill”) stuff or packed away.

AND THE BONUS #6…. Next we can talk about staging!

I’ll work on more pictures too… I get so excited to declutter, I forget to take “before” pics. Stay tuned!

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